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The staff of Fujian Education TV visited our museum to made a themed promotional video

Publish date:2021-8-16   Pageview: 946


On the morning of August 16, 2021, the staff of Fujian Education TV and their little reporters from Jiabin Primary School visited our museum to made a themed promotional video.

As the first Museum entitled “Olympics” in China, our museum has rich collections of Olympic culture relics. Our collections include Olympic torches, medals, stamps, badges, coins, mascots, etc., all of which are witnesses to history.

Through the detailed interpretation of the narrator, the kids not only learned about the history and stories of the exhibits, but also gained deeper insight into Olympic spirit.

Impressed by the exhibits, the students also learned something about Olympics, such as the Olympic Five Ring, the Olympic Torches, how the Olympic Flame was collected, and the touching stories of the Olympic Champions.

As the first Olympic Museum entitled “Olympics” approved by International Olympic Committee and China Olympic Committee and National Olympic Education Base, the main function of the museum is to promote the Olympic culture, demonstrate the Olympic history and treasures to the public through rich collections, special programs and professional interpretation.