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Write a Dairy, Cheer for Olympics

Publish date:2021-8-11   Pageview: 1215


As the Chinese athletes won the medals and the bright five-star red flag fluttering in the wind, Everyone's hot blood is boiling.

On the occasion of the Olympic Games, as a witnesses, you must have endless stories and feelings that you would like to write in your diary, maybe your feelings about watching the games or your wishes for the Olympic athletes. For this reason, Xiamen Olympic Museum is looking for articles from visitors, Olympic fans, volunteers, students and etc.

1. Subject of manuscript (for reference).

 "My diary of watching the Olympic Games"

 "A day in the eyes of my Olympian”

 "My day in front of the TV watching the Olympic Games"

The above topics are for reference only.

2. Requirements.

1. This call for entries can be in the form of a photo diary. In the form of pictures and diagrams, you can record what you saw, heard and felt before, during and after the competition, or in other forms such as audio or video.

2、The content of the call for entries should be unique and original, with different perspectives to explore the details of the competition.

3、The target audience: Tourists, Olympic fans, volunteers, students and etc.

3. Instructions.

1、 In order to respect the copyright of the works, maintain the authority of the competition and the quality of the works, the author guarantees that the articles are free of plagiarism and do not involve disputes on confidentiality, signature order, etc. Please do not make multiple submissions and take responsibility for the submissions. By submitting a manuscript, the author is deemed to have transferred the right of reproduction, distribution and information network dissemination of the article to our library. If the author has any objections, please declare them at the time of submission.

2、The format of the manuscript should be required to indicate: The author's name, city, zip code, contact phone number, E-mail address, etc.

3、Submission email:

4、Once the manuscript is adopted, it will be issued on the official WeChat account of the museum. The top three contributors who have received the number of likes on the manuscript will receive a gift from the museum.

5、The starting time of this activity is from the date of this announcement to December 31, 2021.

6、The final interpretation right of this activity belongs to Xiamen Olympic Museum.