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A Fun Visit for Family Group in Xiamen Olympic Museum

Publish date:2009-5-24   Pageview: 5522




On May 24, 2009, a family group consisting of more than 10 children and their parents visited Xiamen Olympic Museum.
Under the guidance of the tour guide, the parents and the children first had a look at the Heaven Jade and the Olympic medals exhibited in the hall of the museum. Afterwards, they came to the basement and were deeply impressed by the exhibition “Polish Sports on Old-time Photographs” which illustrates the sports history of Poland.
When visiting the major exhibition halls of the museum, the children were very excited to see 13 sets of typical costumes used in the Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Games. “They are so beautiful! I wish I could have one”, said one little girl.
Finally, they arrived at the museum shop, where various kinds of souvenirs drew great attention from the children who afterwards chose their favorite souvenirs.