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Xiamen Olympic Museum Being Highly Appreciated by Taiwan Media

Publish date:2009-5-26   Pageview: 2625







Taiwan media praised Xiamen Olympic Museum on Tuesday for its profound role in Cross-strait exchanges after an inspection visit to the museum.
The delegation, consisting of 20 members, showed great interests towards the museum collections, and recorded every precious exhibit through photos and videos.
Mr. Wu Ruiyu, a journalist from Eastern TV indicated that this group was composed of journalists and editors from various TV stations, news agencies and broadcasting stations in Taiwan. “It is not just a visit for us, but more importantly, we want to bring some video materials back to Taiwan”, he said. “The museum has an important educational meaning. It is a worthwhile trip for us!”
After the visit, the group showed a great admiration towards the museum founder Mr. Ching-Kuo Wu, and also highly appreciated Mr. Wu’s contribution to the promotion of the Olympic movement and the development of Cross-strait exchanges.