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Explore the Olympics, Walk into the Olympic Museum-- Xiamen Olympic Museum Welcomed Visitors From Xiamen Flair International kindergarten

Publish date:2019-4-28   Pageview: 263


 Read ten thousand books , and travel ten thousand miles.

Early in the morning, in the golden sunshine, XOM welcomed the teachers and students from Flair International kindergarten.  These lovely children brought infinite vitality to the morning.

Carrying their cute schoolbags, hand in hand, the children lined up in an orderly way and walked into Xiamen Olympic museum with the lead of their teachers. Their eyes twinkled with curiosity, like angels full of thirst for knowledge.

A Learning Travel

Under the guidance of the narrators, the happy Children started the journey of Olympic exploration...

They were fascinated by the abundant and interesting collections in the museum.

They learned about the boxing sculpture and boxing culture under the guidance of the narrators.

They were listening to the stories of the origins of the Olympics.

They took a group photo in the museum.

They felt the joy of sports during the outdoor activities.

They took precious group photos with the 2008 Beijing Olympic torch.

Dear kids, we hoped the trip to Xiamen Olympic museum would not only bring you happiness , but also had a positive influence on your future life. Let the Olympic spirit go together with you as you are growing up.