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Happy Study Tour in XOM- Teachers and Students from Xiamen Yunding Primary School Visited Xiamen Olympic Museum

Publish date:2019-4-28   Pageview: 216


 On a sunny day, we welcomed the teachers and students of grade three from Xiamen Yunding Primary School,who were spirited and energetic. Facing the warm sunshine in the morning, they arrived Xiamen Olympic museum.

They can't wait to get close to the Olympics, learn the Olympic culture and spirit. With the lead of the teachers, they lined up in an orderly way  and embarked on a journey of Olympic culture.

Thirsting for knowledge, under the guidance of the narrators, the students watched the collection, learned Olympic knowledge,understood the history of the Olympics, and experienced the Olympic spirit. 

After knowledge learning, children continued to experience the joy of outdoor sports games, learning the Olympic culture connotation of Higher, Faster, Stronger and the Spirit of Equality, Fairness and Solidarity.

In the game, they thought flexibly, cooperated with each other, discussed strategies, and implemented steadily, which not only improved the thinking ability, but also enhanced the ability of leadership, teamwork and organization . We believed this activity will lead to better quality cultivation of them.

After learning the knowledge of 2008 Beijing Olympics torch, the children of grade three took photos with the torch full of passion. The midday sun shined on their faces, and their smiles were even more glorious than the sun.