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XOM Actively Participate in the 2019 National Science Popularization Interpretation Contest

Publish date:2019-4-29   Pageview: 275


On the morning of April 29, the 2019 National Science Popularization Interpretation Contest Xiamen qualifying match sponsored by Xiamen science and technology bureau was held in the convention hall on the second floor of Xiamen science and technology training center.

The competition was arranged according to requirement of The Notice of  the Ministry of Science and Technology the Propaganda Department of Central Committee and China Association for Science and Technology About Hosting the Science and Technology Week 2019 "(the ministry of science and technology policy [2019] No. 80), and the requirement of The Notice of  Fujian General Office of Science and Technology About Hosting the 3rd  National Science Popularization Interpretation Contest 2019, with the theme of "science and technology brings power to the country and its populization benifits the public ". Contestants from various popular science museum, popular science bases, universities, scientific research institutes and medical institutions in xiamen participated in the competition. As the "National Popular Science Education Base" and "National Excellent Informatization Popular Science Education Base", Xiamen Olympic museum also actively dispatched contestants to participate.

 Elegant demeanour of contestants from XOM

The interpretation contest not only set up a platform for the communication among Xiamen Olympic museumscience popularization communicatorthe narrators and science popularization volunteers, but also showed the elegant demeanour of contestants from XOM, whose  professional skills and narration level were vigorously promoted through the contest. Therefore, XOM could worked better on the transmission of science popularization and achieved a development on the science popularization undertaking.