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Cross-Strait Close Relation︱Olympic Trip

Publish date:2019-3-20   Pageview: 262


This afternoon, a group of friends from Taiwan had a exchange visit in XOM.

The visiting group successively visited the international sports treasures exhibition, the postcard exhibition of Mr. Samaranch and the four classical exhibition halls on the second floor.

 When the Narrator introduced the Taichi sculpture and the rhythmic gymnastic  sculpture by Taiwan artist Mr. Ming Zhu, the friends from Taiwan were very interested and delighted.

Overlooking the “Heaven Jade from Yangtze riverfrom upstairs, the guarding  treasure of our museum, they were really surprised to see that the shape was so much similar to the map of Taiwan.

They said they feel very cordial in XOM and hadn’t expected to see so many cross-strait culture and art exhibits.

During the visit, friends from Taiwan continuously expressed their admiration for Mr. Ching-Kuo Wu, the curator of XOM. They happily took photos on the awarding platform of Beijing 2008 Olympics and enjoyed this fruitful trip.

As the first Olympic museum established in China,  XOM has always adhered to Olympic spirit and committed to cultural and sports communication across strait, receiving numerous Taiwan compatriots every year, which promotes the sports cultural exchanges and integration across the strait.