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Weekend Highlights |Xiamen Olympic Museum

Publish date:2019-3-16   Pageview: 298


 Weekend is coming!

Tired of the confusion of daily life

Get ready to go on a study trip

In Xiamen Olympic museum

To experience a different Olympic cultural journey

On May 11 2019, 1000 days countdown to the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics 

As the winter Olympics is approaching,

Xiamen Olympic museum will especially recommend for you this week

Winter Olympics licensed cultural and creative commodities exhibition.

Winter Olympics licensed cultural and creative commodities

The winter Olympics culture is the inner support of the winter Olympics, and the connotation carrier of winter Olympics culture is its diversified derivative activities and commodities . Especially, the cultural and creative products of the winter Olympics show the passion and charm of winter sports items in colourful formsand consist of the traditional Chinese culture and the characteristics of the host city.

By viewing the licensed cultural and creative products of the winter Olympics,not only can the public have a better understanding of the culture of the games, but also can participate in and feel about the games directly.

 Series of Innovative and Unique Badges

As one of the most popular Olympic souvenirs, the badges are also the most recommended innovative article. Series of badges have been launched , which show the charming and sports items of Winter Olympics, including characteristics badges series of the Olympic host countries, sports modelling badges series, and curling badges sets, etc., which will bring new feelings for the collectors.

Exquisite craft of the precious metal products

In order to meet the domestic consumers' demand for high-quality gold and silver products, the organizing committee of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games has put forward the requirements of improving the technology and strictly maintaining the quality of precious metal licensed products, in order that consumers can feel the excellent quality and reasonable price when they are buying precious metal products.

Meanwhile, there are gold and silver imitation products of emblems and stamps, being divided in to "Collector's Edition" and "Rare Edition", including Beijing Olympics emblems, Winter Paralympics emblems ,commemorative stamps etc.  The perfect combinations of Winter Olympics logo, stamps ,precious metals and other elements , which is of exquisite technology and rich connotation, fully show the value of collections.

The cultural and creative products of Winter Olympics is placed in the Gift shops.On the right of the entrance