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XOM Participated in 2018 Annual Review Conference of the Social Organization Industry Party Committee on Strengthening Grassroots Party Construction

Publish date:2019-3-13   Pageview: 462


On the morning of March 13, the 2018 grassroots party construction review meeting of social organizations industry party committees was held in Fuzhou, and our museum actively attended the meeting. The meeting was organized by the social organization industry party committee of Fujian provincial department of culture and tourism.

The meeting conveyed the spirit of relevant meetings and documents of the organization department of the provincial party committee, non-public economic organizations and the working committee of social organizations.

In the meeting, it was pointed out that the party construction of non-public enterprises and social organizations was an important part of the provincial grass-roots party construction work, which required all the non-public economic organizations , social organizations,and party organizations to convey and learn the spirit of the conference earnestly, put forward the unity of the thought and action to the provincial party committee's deploy of decision ,make efforts to promote the organizing capacity and coverage of the provincial non-public economic organizations, social organizations and party organizations, to positively contribute to the provincial economic development,social harmony and stability.

After the meeting, participants had democratic assessment on strengthening Grassroots Party Construction work of the social organizations industry party committee under the Fujian provincial department of culture and tourism.

As an international non-profit public welfare organization, Xiamen Olympic museum has been granted 3A social organization by the provincial department of civil affairs . It has been engaged in public welfare reception including Olympic cultural trip of various kinds of special groups.  Among a number of Olympic-themed exhibitions and activities, a lot of rare international collections are on display. Olympic cultural education for young people has been carried out , which vigorously develops the Olympic spirit, and affect the youth with the never-give-up spirit of the athletes.

Centering on serving the society and as a social organization, XOM will earnestly work hard in party construction work, take an active part in public welfare undertakings, improve the education and welfare functions of the museum through holding colorful activities, and strive to give full play to the social service functions of the museum.