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Arbor Day |To Create a Beautiful Home Together!

Publish date:2019-3-12   Pageview: 335


Arbor Day

March 12, 2019

       To see a world in a wild flower,   

and a bodhi in a leaf.

To gain a forest by planting a tree

Year after year

Generation after generation

To create a beautiful home together

With Xiamen Olympic Museum

 Beautiful Scenery Surround Xiamen Olympic Museum

Welcome to Xiamen Olympic Museum

Opening hours: 9:00-17:30 (Tuesday to Sunday)

   Address: No. 2017, Lvling Road, Siming district (the Junction of Lvling road and Huandao east road)

Transportation Guide:

1.Drive: the junction of xiamen lvling road and huandao road (opposite to Shangshan yacht club, 1km to the south of Guanyin mountain, 3km to the north of Xiamen International Conference & Exhibition Center, 1.5km to the east of Software Park phase II)

2.By Bus :

A.  Take No. 58/No.98 to Zhonghang Zijin Plaza station and later walk for about 300 meters

B.  Take No. 30/No. 401 to Dynasty Cneter station and then walk for about 300 meters

C.  Take No.  403 /  No.  68 and get off at the Olympic museum station.