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[Inside the Museum] Teachers from Xiamen Siming Juvenile Sport School Have a Study Tour in XOM

Publish date:2019-3-5   Pageview: 258


  This morning, teachers from Xiamen Siming Juvenile Sport School came to visit Xiamen Olympic museum and enjoyed a study tour. Through the abundant museum collections and Olympic documentaries, the teachers had experienced the passion and charm of the Olympic movement closely and learned about the Olympic spirit.


During the visit and learning process, the group took a photo together on the podium.

   By listening to the narrator carefully , they got to understand the profound meaning behind the collections. Listening to the moving story of Mr. Hou bin, the teachers present had been attracted by the Olympic spirit of never giving up.

   They enjoyed the experience of entering the ancient Grecian arch in the way the ancient Greek athletes entered competing arena.

   Through this study tour to Olympic museum, the teachers had a general understanding of XOM, personally experienced the rich Olympic culture atmosphere, deeply understood the rich cultural history and the touching stories behind the exhibits, as well as the development of the Olympics. After the visiting, teachers said they had learned a lot in this rewarding trip, and would also carry forward the Olympic spirit in their teaching work in the future, to cultivate more excellent talents and realize more Olympic dream.

Teachers cheers for and thumbs up for the realization of the Olympic dream and for Xiamen Olympic Museum!