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Ms. Zhaojing Chen, Director of Industrial Development Office of Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Sports, and Her Companions Visited XOM

Publish date:2019-3-6   Pageview: 281


   This morning, Ms. Zhaojing Chen, director of the industrial development office of Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Sports , and his companions visited Xiamen Olympic museum(XOM).  Ms. Yun Wu, deputy curator of XOM, together with her staff, warmly welcomed them.

   Accompanied by Ms. Yun Wu, Ms. Chen and his companions visited the exhibition halls. Through viewing the Olympic relics, pictures, texts and other precious collections in close proximity, they got to know the history, figures and major events of the Olympics. The unique visual feast and Olympic cultural atmosphere presented in each exhibition hall made a deep impression on all the guests present.

During the visit, Ms. Chen expressed his admiration for Mr. Ching-Kuo Wu, the curator of our museum, for his contribution in the aspect of sports collections. She thought it was outstanding that Mr. Ching-Kuo Wu’s sports collections could be shown to the society in the form of a museum, which played a great role on the dissemination of the Olympic spirit and was a rare treasury of Olympic culture.

After the visit, Ms. Chen, together with her companions, and Ms.Wu took a group photo.