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XOM held an exhibition about “Science and Technology and Olympics” at Yingcai School

Publish date:2017-12-7   Pageview: 764


      This afternoon, junior high school of Jimei Yingcai School hosted a science and technology festival. Staff from XOM brought to this festival an exhibition about “Science and technology and Olympics”, which were warmly welcomed by teachers and students. 

  At this event, our staff received the students with hospitality and answered some of their questions. On the past 2016 Rio Olympics, black technology emerged thick and fast. For example, live broadcasting Olympic events through VR enabled audiences from all over the world to watch Olympic games as if they were really there. Another example was mobile payment in Olympic village, which made shopping easy for athletes there. Also, unmanned aerial vehicle used for filming, electronic target, etc. were used at 2016 Olympics, which renewed people's understanding of science and technology and Olympics.

  Students showed great enthusiasm for this exhibition from XOM and they gained a lot of knowledge through this exhibition and the reception of our staff. At this activity of our museum's going into schools, we also brought along products created by XOM. These products were original and practical. They carried Olympic value and appealed to students.  

  With teachers and students participating actively, this activity achieved great success.