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A Team from C&D International Travel Service is Present at XOM to Explore New Patterns of Educational Tours!

Publish date:2017-1-18   Pageview: 941


On Jan 1, 2017, at 2.00 pm, three staff center for educational tours of C&D International Travel Service, seven teachers from branch of Xiamen Experimental Primary School in Jimei, and two teachers from Xiamen Qiyi Education came to visit XOM which locates on the scenic Island Ring Boulevard.

Educational Tours is no longer a new term in tourism industry, but the government has only recently introduced policies on Educational Tours. Because 11 government departments including Ministry of Education had issued The Opinion on Advancing Educational Tours of Primary and Middle School Students, and because National Tourism Administration had formulated Service Standards of Educational Tours which will be implemented after May 1 2017, travel agencies of high grades and reputation could seize this opportunity to draw up a system for educational tours that have historical and cultural connotation and provide primary and middle school students with in-depth tours to broaden their horizon and foster their team spirit.

In travel agencies in Xiamen C&D International Travel Service is the pace-setter. Its center for educational tours organized outstanding teachers in primary schools to visit XOM. In the light of professional attitude and studied attitude in teaching, they discussed with curator Ms. Wu Yun about the patterns and systems for educational tours.

XOM ranks among the first in educating the youth: in 2008, Xiamen Committee for Caring the Wellbeing of the Youth gave it the title “Base of Olympic Education”, in 2013 Bureau of Education of Xiamen, Ministry of Publicity of Municipal Party Committee and Civilization Office of Municipal Party Committee of China jointly awarded XOM the title “Demonstration Site of ‘Connection between Schools and Museums’ of Xiamen”, in April 2015 Bureau of Education of Xiamen and Association of Science and Technology of Xiamen designated XOM as “Social Practice Base for Primary and Middle School Students of Xiamen”, and Association of Science and Technology of Xiamen and Ministry of Publicity of Municipal Party Committee of Xiamen awarded XOM the honor of “Ten Most Popular Educational Bases for Science Popularization”.

Since the opening of XOM in 2008, it has went to schools and communities on publicity tours themed on education of Olympic culture and it has received students from around 300 primary schools and kindergartens.

This discussion was mutually beneficial to C&D and XOM. They exchanged ideas about the interaction, event plans, connotation and extension of Olympic culture and the international platform of the museum.

We hope that in the coming 2017, C&D and XOM can be each other’s backing, increase mutual understanding and trust, and devote to educating the youth, inheriting and carrying forward Olympic cultural heritage.