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“Gandang Kids” from Experimental School of Tai’an, Shandong Experience Olympic Culture

Publish date:2017-1-18   Pageview: 849


After intense final exams, Grade Four pupils from Experimental School of Tai’an Shandong came to visit XOM, which was the first Olympic museum in China and was awarded by China Association for Science and Technology, Xiamen Association for Science and Technology, Publicity Department of Fujian Provincial Party Committee and Publicity Department of Xiamen the title of “Base of Science Education”.

In XOM, not only did the kids learnt about Olympic slogan, “Higher, faster and stronger”, they also stepped on the real Beijing 2008 Olympics podium to taste the feeling of being an Olympic champion. In the exhibition halls, they not only appreciated the rare stamps of Youth Olympics, seals of Olympic champions, mascots of Olympic, torches of 2008 Olympics, etc., but played fencing games and mini billiards. They had a good time enriching their spiritual world as well as playing games.

Through the introduction of the docent, the kids knew the history of the Greek treasure, Parthenon Temple. In Greek mythology, Poseidon and Athena fought for Athens City. Zeus decided that the city should belong to the one that could give something useful to Athens people. Poseidon hit his trident against a rock and a war horse representing war came running out; Athena hit her spear against a rock and an olive tree representing peace grew out of the rock. The Athenians chose Athena, and thus they worshiped this guardian angel of peace in the Parthenon. As we know, one of the cultural connotations of the Olympic is peace!

In the end, the kids visited gift shop of Olympic souvenirs on the first floor, bought items they liked and returned with their pockets full.

Since the opening of XOM, it has received approximately 300,000 students at home and abroad and has held science popularizing lectures for more than 60 times. The annual winter camps not only extend youngsters’ horizon but help them master the method of learning a new culture, increase their courage and confidence of exploring new things through edutainment activities held in XOM exhibition halls. We believe that Olympic culture is the spiritual wealth of mankind and it is worth inheriting by each generation.