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2017 New Year’s Fun Games at XOM

Publish date:2017-1-17   Pageview: 880


On the afternoon of 17 January, as the Spring Festival was approaching, in order to enrich the stuff’s life, promote their health and increase communication, team spirit and cohesion, XOM union hosted fun games whose theme was “Harmony, unity, tenacity and transcendence” to welcome the new year. XOM also invited several cooperative institutions, including travel agencies, the media, etc.

The fun games incorporated team events and individual events, including race-walk, caterpillars’ race, number castle, sack race, four-legged race, etc. Each group united together and exerted themselves to the utmost. The activities were fun and everybody was in high spirits. The playground was full of sound of cheering and laughter.

Through the fun games, the staff can relax after intense work and show their sports skills on the field. This event not only pleased the body and the mind, but increased the communication between colleagues, fostered team spirit among them, inspired their spirit of enterprise, encouraged them to aim high and carried forward Olympic value of excellence, friendship and respect, meanwhile it deepened the mutual understanding between cooperative institutions and had positive influence on cooperating still further and disseminating Olympic culture.