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Education department of XOM held a lecture about Olympic culture at Yunding School

Publish date:2017-12-19   Pageview: 849


On the afternoon of December 19th, staff from Education department of XOM went to Yunding School to deliver a vivid lecture about Olympic culture, share interesting Olympic related knowledge with the students and teachers and lead them through a fascinating trip of Olympic culture. 

  Without hesitation, Greek mythology gave Olympic Games an origin of myths. The staff started with ancient Greek myths, and then vividly described the grand occasion of ancient Olympics with examples, which effectively inspired imagination in the students. They seemed like they felt the winners’ joy. Since 1st Olympic Games, 1896 Olympic Games, held in Athens, in just over a century, modern Olympic Games have changed greatly. They interacted with science technology, culture, art, etc. and formed their characteristics. The world is longing for the coming 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang and 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing.  

  The lecture was rich and colourful. With the explanation of the staff, students experienced Olympic culture and learned a lot. This lecture allowed them acquire knowledge outside textbooks and learn about the past, present and future of Olympics, broadened their horizon and inspired the spirit of chasing dreams bravely and striving tenaciously to success. 

  Xiamen Olympic Museum positively disseminated Olympic culture, developed Olympic spirit and made this lecture a great success.