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Curator of China Snuff Bottles Museum, Wang Ziyong, Along with His Delegation Visits XOM

Publish date:2016-12-21   Pageview: 816



On 21st October, curator of China Snuff Bottles Museum, Wang Ziyong, along with his delegation visited Xiamen Olympic Museum (XOM).

Accompanied by deputy curator of XOM, Ms. Wu Yun, the delegation visited Olympic related exhibitions, whose themes included ancient Olympics, modern Olympics, Olympic treasures, marathon photographs, Olympic champions’ paper-cut, etc., as well as each exhibition hall and the gift shop. During the visit, Mr. Wang learned about XOM’s history, its social education, its youth work, etc.

During the exchange, the two curators shared with each other their experience in running a museum, including model of management, concept of operating, preservation of exhibits, plan of exhibitions, cultural exchange of museums, etc.

This event deepened the understanding between the two museums, bonded connection between members of museums guild, exchanged experience, promoted learning and communication activities inside XOM. Both curators agreed that museums should communicate, share, cooperate with each other and explore new fields together.