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Where to Go for Winter Vacations? XOM Initiates Olympic Winter Camps

Publish date:2016-12-24   Pageview: 825


On 24 December, in order to enrich extra-curricular activities of teenagers in the district and inspire their interests in science, Hexin community organized a winter camp for popularizing science, whose theme was “A Fun Winter Camp and A Happy Science Trip”. Today the students came to XOM to start their science trips on Olympics.

There were more than 30 teenagers who took part in this winter camp. Escorted by our docents, they visited Olympic themed exhibitions, including exhibitions on paper-cut of Chinese Olympic champions, winter Olympics and technology, history of ancient Olympic, history of modern Olympic, Olympic family, etc. Through learning and visiting, the students experienced the culture and spirit of Olympic and the unique charm of Olympic technology. After the visit, they also competed in events of Mini Olympic Games, such as archery, golf, ice hockey, etc., which enabled them to get insights into these events.

This winter camp increased the young campers’ hands on abilities and understanding of the Olympic, inspired their creativity, and strengthened their friendship between each other. We hoped that this kind of activity can spread, in children’s young hearts, the seeds of love for sport, science and technology and exploration of the world, and that these seeds can grow little by little.

As award winning national popularization base of science & education and Xiamen popularization base of science & education, XOM has devoted in educational programs that popularize Olympic culture among the youth. These programs include extra-curricular practical activities in spring and autumn, camps on Olympic in winter and summer, as well as activities themed on Children’s Day, Little Docents, Paper-cut, etc., which not only let youngsters learn about the Olympic, but expand their horizons.