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XOM at 2016 Symposium of Xiamen Caring Association

Publish date:2016-12-19   Pageview: 886


On 19 December 2016, the symposium on educational base of Xiamen Caring Association was held as scheduled. This symposium was hosted by Huang Xianglun, deputy director of Xiamen’s Committee for Caring the Wellbeing of the Youth. Leaders of the committee, including Chen Bingfa, Huang Jiecheng, etc., and representatives from more than 40 enterprises and institutions attended the symposium. On behalf of Xiamen Olympic Museum, deputy curator Ms. Wu Yun was present at the symposium.

In order to better educate and foster the next generation and take action to care for the wellbeing of juveniles, all enterprises and institutions exchanged their experiences, analyzed their advantages and disadvantages and recommended their direction of work. Xiamen Olympic Museum has always been guided by the aim of building this museum, ” Passing on Olympic Culture and Carrying Forward Olympic Spirit”, centered on strengthen and heighten the construction of ideology and morality of the youth, focused on science education and led by the main line of “Serve, Practice and Innovate” to strengthen themed education.

Our Efforts on Youth Education

Through Olympic themed exhibitions, youngsters can learn about history of Olympic, connection between Olympic and technology, deeds of Olympic champions, etc., understand Olympic spirit and value further, build up morally sound values and outlook on the world and life gradually.


Youngsters Visiting Paper-cut Exhibition of Olympic Champions

In educational work on Olympic, our museum focuses on summer and winter camps and extracurricular practical activities in spring. Meanwhile, our museum organizes educational activities on Olympic designed for disadvantaged youth groups. These activities include summer camps for students from special education schools and simulated Olympic Games activities of “Joint construction of the Army and the People and Caring for the Youth”, which let youngsters feel the warmth of the Olympic family and further understand and share the Olympics.


Simulated Olympic Games Activities of “Joint Construction of the Army and the People and Caring for the Youth”

To strengthen cross-strait communication and cooperation and serve youngsters from both sides of Taiwan Straits, our museum held cross-strait summer camps of sign language, family summer camps between Xiamen and Jinmen, which advanced cross-strait communication and strengthened friendship.


Closing Ceremony for 11th Summer Camp between Xiamen and Jinmen