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"Experiencing the Olympics, Beyond the Dream" exhibition opens as schedule

Publish date:2009-6-23   Pageview: 1778


                Committee member Wu shaking hands with the elderly


                 Vice Mayor Ye Chonggeng delivering opening remarks

Committee member Wu delivering opening remarks


Cheif Wanghui delivering opening remarks

                 Playing Fou for the exhibition opening ceremony

                 Deputy director Li presiding opening ceremony


                 Kindergarten teachers and students together with Fuwa

               Committee member Wu and Chief Wang Hui photoed with
               kindergarten teachers and students

                 Committee member Wu leading guests to visit the museum
On June 23, the 61st Olympic Day, a large-scale exhibition with the theme “Experiencing the Olympics, Beyond the Dream” grandly opened as schedule.
International Olympic Committee Member, the President of the international boxing Association, curator of Xiamen Olympic Museum Mr. Ching-kuo Wu, Vice Mayor of Xiamen Municipal People's Government Ye Zhonggeng; Beijing Municipal People's Government Information Office Chief Wang Hui; Curator of China Millennium Monument and Beijing World Art Museum, Mr. Feng Guangsheng, Curator of China Sports Museum Mr. Sun Daguang, China Sports Culture expert Dr. Cui Lequan together with other leaders and experts attended the opening ceremony. The ceremony was presided by the deputy curator Li Xiang. The large-scale exhibition was kicked off by playing the Fou.
Exhibits included over 141 precious real objects in Olympic Games and Paralympics Games such as medals and Fou(the performing musical instrument used in opening ceremony of Beijing Olympic Games). 450 wonderful Olympic pictures covering books, historical documents, used sports equipments, medals, torches, models, performance props and cloths for opening and closing ceremony were displayed. Numerous students including those from Taiwan are the main visitors. Many of them held opening ceremony for their summer camp in the museum. Different newspapers have reported this events. The exhibition has deepen the exchanges between Beijing and Xiamen Olympic Museum.
The exhibition will focus on China from the late Qing government to show the first time the Olympic Games, the first time in 1932 Olympic Games, in 2008 the first time to host the Olympic Games of "Rise of China's road to the Olympic Games," the entire process.
This exhibition shows 100 years of history that China pursued Olympic Dreams. In 1932 we participated in the Olympic Games for the first time. In 2008 we held the Olympic Games for the first time.
International Olympic Committee Member, the President of the international boxing Association, curator of Xiamen Olympic Museum curator. Mr. Ching-kuo Wu said this exhibition had spread spirit of the Beijing Olympic Games, which was the purpose to build up Xiamen Olympic Museum. It is more convenient for the people in Xiamen and Taiwan to experience the glories of Being Olympic Games and helpful for the straits exchange.
Beijing Information Office Chief Wanghui said the exhibition enhanced sports and cultural exchanges between Beijing and Xiamen. It also indicated the intimacy of the mainland and Taiwan.
Vice Mayor of Xiamen Municipal People's Government Ye Zhonggeng said it was an honor for Xiamen to hold such an exhibition. It would greatly promote Xiamen Sports development, make indelible contribution to the whole city’s whole service level and build up a good platform for strait’s exchange.
Xiamen Olympic Museum especially invited hundreds of the elderly, over one  hundred primary and secondary school students, the disable by cars.Not only the elderly and the handicapped, but numbers of primary and secondary school students and tour groups from Taiwan  came to visited the wonderful exhibition. Everybody were delighted to see the wonderful moments, experience the champion’s splendors.
Li Xiang, deputy director of the Olympic Museum said that to care and help the elderly and disabled was the principle of Mr. Ching-kou Wu that made for the museum. Free visits fully reflects the public interest. The exhibition embodied the important strategy of national west strait economical zone. It also played Xiamen Olympic Museum’s irreplaceable role in the cross-strait cultural exchanges.