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Summer Camp visits the exhibition

Publish date:2009-6-30   Pageview: 1717




Playing Olympic Fou excitedly

Listening to the temple history seriously
Yesterday, Summer Camp of "Spring Bud" children led by Xiamen Women's Federation and primary student organized by Xiamen Science and Technology Association visited the exhibition of "Experience the Olympics • Beyond the Dream" .
The wonderful Olympic pictures and exquisite articles enabled over 130 primary students to review the spectacle of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and Paralympics Games.
In the gallery of “China’s Century-long Dream Comes True”, children played the Olympic Fou whose flash made them excited. In the gallery of “Olympic Experience” children saw the beautiful torch relay lantern of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Relay. In the gallery of “Olympic Flame on Mt. Qomolangma” children rushed to hold the torch, wear award uniform and medal to have their pictures taken.
Afterwards, they learned the Olympic history by guild’s vivid explanations and rich treasure collections.
The staff of the Women's Federation said, "Spring Bud" children came from the remote rural area. They have seldom been to the town, let alone such a wonderful exhibition of the Olympic theme. This exhibition has increased their knowledge, but also greatly broaden their field of vision. A team-lead teacher said: "This visit is of great significance; we will organize more students to come and visit.”