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A rare Xinjiang Jade exhibited in Xiamen Olympic Museum

Publish date:2009-6-23   Pageview: 1812




Over the same period of the opening ceremony of the exhibition of “ Experience the Olympics, Beyond the Dream”, a huge rare Xinjiang Jade was exhibited in Xiamen Olympic Museum. International Olympic Committee Member, the curator of Xiamen Olympic Museum Mr. Ching-kuo-Wu, Beijing Municipal People's Government Information Office Director Wang Hui, the curator of World Art Museum of China Millennium Monument  Mr. Fengguang, the curator of China Sports Museum Mr. Sun Guangda unveiled the jade to the exhibition.
The jade is 3.2 meters long and 2.7 meters high, weighing 21tons. Its shape looks like mountain. The white and green jade texture can be seen under its brown cover.
The jade is known as “King of Jade” which is mainly born in the north side of the Kunlun Mountains in China. After experts and professors’ identification, this jade is of high value and estimated as 120 million RMB. It is a collection of a Xiamen entrepreneurs Mr. Chen who got it from Xijiang with high price.
Vice director Lixiang thought that this treasure’s texture is delicate, pure, rich and has multi-color of dark green and white, which is like a big gold jade medal. The jade has predestined relationship with the Olympics since the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. The jade’s presence in Xiamen Olympic Museum has become a beautiful landscape and brightened Olympics, which complement each other.
Such a rare gem is comparable to the Jade of “Da Yu Regulating Waterway” picture in the Imperial Palace of Qing Dynasty.