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Have a Try: Olympic Short Film Contest

Publish date:2009-5-1   Pageview: 1876


The Olympic Museum presents the Olympic Short Film Contest with the support of the City of Lausanne and in cooperation with the following partner institutions: the Museu Olimpic i de l'Esport (Barcelona, Spain), the Xiamen Olympic Museum (Xiamen, People’s Republic of China), the Departamento Cultural of the Comité Olimpico Brasileiro (Rio, Brazil) and The Olympic Museum (Lausanne, Switzerland). The Contest is organized in cooperation with Base-court, an association based in Lausanne, Switzerland involved in the promotion and the diffusion of short films in Switzerland.
The idea is to propose an event to the young people allowing them to express their vision of the Olympism by means of a media they like.
The contest is intended for professional and amateur directors, in the audiovisual field, aged at least 18. Every person interested to participate in the competition has to contact one of the partner institutions until 15 May 2009 to be integrated into the Preselection phase.
The Programme
The Olympic Short Film Contest operates on the elimination principle, in two stages: the first round and the final.
The first round will start in June 2009 with eight directors competing. Each of the four partner institutions will put forward two directors, who will compete against each other. The films will be posted on the official competition site for internet users to vote on, from 1 to 13 July 2009.
For the final in August 2009, just four directors will remain in contention, one per partner institution. The candidates will do their filming in Lausanne, Olympic Capital, and will have just one week to produce and edit their film before presenting it on the internet. Internet users will be able to vote on the films between 9 and 21 September 2009 on the official competition website
Three prizes will be awarded:
The “Grand Prix”, worth CHF 7,500, for the best film of the competition.
The “Prix du Jury”, worth CHF 5,000, for the second best film of the competition
The “Prix du Public”, worth CHF 2,500, for the film with the most votes from internet users
Want to find out more? Want to take part?
Click here for the registration form and participation conditions.