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The students of Sibai Kindergarden visited Xiamen Olympic Museum for study tour

Publish date:2023-10-26   Pageview: 546


On April 17th, 2021, the students of Sibai Kindergarden visited Xiamen Olympic Museum to have a cultural experience of Olympics and was warmly received by XOM staff. More space was given to the kids to learn through this extracurricular practice.

The children seem to have walked into a castle, watching the funny Olympic cartoon, enjoying the world scenery on the postcards, and looking up at the boxing giant...... They walked through four different exhibition halls. Under the guidance of the narrators, the children gave full play to their imaginations. The museum was full of laughter.

Impressed by the meaningful exhibits and passionate interpretation, the seed of the Olympics has been quietly planted in the children’s hearts. It will certainly bring them further influence in their future life.

After the visit, the children went outside the museum to experience the ancient sports activities, which not only exercised their bodies, but also brought a lot of fun.