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Xiamen Olympic Museum received a donation at China Sport Show

Publish date:2023-5-26   Pageview: 953


On May 26th, 2023, Mr. A-lin Hong, executive persident of Chinese Landscape Painting Research Institute, director of China Arttists Association and well-known painter, donated a skiing oil painting of winter Olympics to our museum at China Sport Show, which will be permanently kept and exhibited in Xiamen Olympic Museum, and Ms.Yun Wu, deputy curator of Xiamen Olympic Museum, accepted the donation on behalf of our museum.

Skiing is a competitive sport in which athletes mount skis on the soles of their boots and carry out speed, jumping and sliding on the snow.  This oil painting is one of the works created by Mr. Hong Alin, inspired by the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games. aAccording to Mr. Hong, the whole work was created with a painting knife. He was so proud at the news of Beijing's successful bid for 2022 and created more than 100 pieces of works on the theme of Winter Olympics and made a touring exhibition in the country. He donated this painting this time in hope that more people can feel the Olympic spirit through this work.

In the process of recruiting exhibitions, our museum has been in contact with collectors, sports enthusiasts, artists, etc., accepting donations of cultural relics and providing a platform for the display of precious cultural relics and representative works that reflect the social system, social production, social life, culture and art, science and technology of the past generations. More donators are always welcomed in the future.