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2020 Cultural and Natural Heritage Day-Visit OMN member museum and experience Olympic culture and history

Publish date:2020-6-13   Pageview: 703


  The International Olympic Museums Network, also known as OMN is the first international organization of Olympic museums established by International Olympic Committee.

  The first Olympic Museum, established in Lausanne, Switzerland, records the brilliant history of Olympic development and people's love for the Olympic spirit. It conveys the idea that "no matter where you are, there is always an Olympic museum nearby to showcase the history and values of Olympism!".

  On June 23, 1993, the Olympic Museum was completed and a grand opening ceremony was held. Samaranch, then president of the International Olympic Committee, cut the ribbon for the museum and said: "today is a very important day for the promotion of Olympism. We are holding a ceremony for the completion of the Olympic Museum, which is the dream of our founder, Mr. Coubertin. We have the honor to change it into reality ".

  The Olympic Games are held only once every four years. There are only a few people who can participate in the games, while the Olympic Museum is different. It connects all the Olympic Games and is open to all people for a long time. Everyone can experience the Olympic culture and feel the Olympic spirit of "respect, friendship and pursuit of excellence" in the Olympic Museum.

  Xiamen Olympic Museum joined OMN as a founding member in 2006, participated in various academic discussions and business exchanges, and carried out extensive international project cooperation, which played a positive role in promoting the Going Global of Chinese sports culture.

  Today, in our special column of ”Visit OMN museums”, Xiao'ao will reveal the similarities with Xiamen Olympic Museum and other OMN members.

  Open the map of the world, we are going to take you to visit the Olympic Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland, to experience its integration with Xiamen Olympic Museum.

  The Olympic Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland is located in the Olympic Park on the lake Ushi in Lausanne, Switzerland. The landscape is winding and undulating, covered with green plants. It is built on the slope in the low-lying hilly area. There are three floors above the ground and one floor below the ground, surrounded by trees and flower beds. All kinds of sports sculptures decorate it. Not far away, the lake is rippling, and all kinds of waterfowl are singing and playing, which makes this classic realistic style Museum and the natural landscape harmonious.

  In the following image collection, the left side is the scene of the Olympic Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland, and the right side is the scene of Xiamen Olympic Museum.

  If you have the honor to visit the two venues and compare their designs, furnishings and details, you will find and marvel at their more coincidence, which is the perfect interpretation of one world one dream. Of course, even two museums of the same type have their own personalities and characteristics waiting for your exploration.

  Here, Xiao'ao sincerely invites people to pay a visit to Xiamen Olympic Museum. Maybe you are not good at sports, maybe you are not an Olympic fan, but you may also be excited by touching the Olympic torch, or by taking photos with the Olympic mascots In any case, as long as there is such a moment, the Olympic Museum makes you excited, you will always remember this moment, and remembers the Olympic Games and the spirit of the Olympic Games because of this moment. If so, everything is worthwhile.