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Know About Olympics through Plates- The Commemorative Plate of 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games

Publish date:2020-6-16   Pageview: 621



The 25th Olympic Games, namely the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games, were prepared and held when Spain was in a period of recovery from the national economic crisis in the 1980s. Hosting the Olympic Games in 1986 greatly promoted the urban transformation and construction of Barcelona. Barcelona has spent 36.2 billion peseta to build a five-kilometer- long beach, renovated the port, built two ring roads and two tunnels, reconstructed the drainage system of the airport and the city, and built a network to provide water, electricity, gas and telephone services. During this period, Barcelona's economy went from recession to prosperity, becoming the fastest changing city in Europe at that time, and the employment momentum was significantly improved. In 1992, the number of unemployed reached the lowest point in history. At the same time, the preparation for the Olympic Games has also significantly accelerated the recovery of the Spanish economy.

 Now, the collection in front of us is the Commemorative Plate of 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games.

 The mascot of the Barcelona Olympic Games is an animal that looks like a goat and a dog. It's named Cobi.

Barcelona won the right to host the 25th Olympic Games at the 91st session of the International Olympic Committee held in Lausanne on October 17, 1986.

 What is more worth mentioning is that Barcelona, known as the "Pearl of the Mediterranean" as an international tourist destination, is the hometown of Samaranch, the seventh president of the International Olympic Committee. In the Olympic history, Barcelona bid for three Olympic Games in 1924, 1936 and 1940, but none of them succeeded. Therefore, they cherished this opportunity and were determined to hold the most successful Olympic Games in history with the support of the IOC.

 “Barcelona”, the theme song of Barcelona Olympic Games, had been popular all over the world before the opening of 1992 Olympic Games. The slogan of this Olympic Games is "forever friend". It not only emphasizes the eternal theme of friendship and peace in the Olympic spirit, but also expresses the common expectations and aspirations of people all over the world.