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Mr. Shijian Pan, the Former Vice Mayor of Xiamen, Together with Retired Veteran Cadres From Lianqian Street , Siming District Visited XOM

Publish date:2019-3-8   Pageview: 300


On the afternoon of March 8th, Mr. Shijian Pan, the former vice mayor of Xiamen, together with a group of retired veteran cadres from Lianqian street in siming district, came to visit Xiamen Olympic museum. Ms. Yun Wu, deputy curator of Xiamen Olympic museum, and her staff received them warmly .


At around 4:00 PM, with the guidance of the narrator, they visited each exhibition hall. Through the close view of the Olympic cultural relics, pictures, text and other precious collections, they understood the history, figures, and major events of the Olympics. The unique visual feast and Olympic cultural atmosphere presented in each exhibition hall deeply impressed the retired veteran cadres present.

Mr. Shijian Pan was very familiar with XOM. He personally shown his companions around some of the exhibition areas and introduced some of the previous achievements of the museum.

He enthusiastically told about the historical background and cultural connotation of some relic collection. The retired veteran cadres were attracted by the stories of the Olympic spirit.

By observing the precious collections closely, they learned the characteristics of the collections, experienced the development process of Olympics, and also felt the greatness of the Olympic spirit.

At the end of the visit, Ms. Yun, Wu had further communication with Mr.Pan and his companions. The retired veteran cadres said that the Olympic culture of XOM was precious spiritual wealth of Xiamen. They admired Mr.Ching-Kuo Wu’s contribution to this extraordinary museum, and thought it was worthwhile to have the cultural visit to XOM.