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AIBA Boxing Ready to Help Advance Indonesia

Publish date:2016-8-18   Pageview: 1130


President of the International Boxing Association (AIBA) Dr. Ching Kuo Wu (left) poses with Chairman of the PP Pertina Johny Asadoma. ( Mboeik)

 President of the International Boxing Association(AIBA) Dr. Ching Kuo Wu was concerned with the development of  boxing Indonesia continues to decline. As a big country, Indonesian boxing should be more advanced than other countries.

"Countries like Kazhakstan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan alone could rise in the last two years and could send athletes fist into the Olympics," said Ching Kuo Wu while receiving the delegation boxing Indonesia led by Chairman of the PP Pertina, Johny Asodoma Saturday evening local time . It said it continues to observe the development of Indonesian boxing.

 According to him, the weakness of Indonesia does not have a qualified boxing coach, and also does not have a referee /
judge international stars 3. "This is the most fundamental problems that must be met if Indonesia wanted his fist forward," said Ching Kuo Wu.

Mentioned, AIBA ready to assist Indonesia to provide training to Indonesian boxing coaches, and provides the opportunity for Indonesian trainers for training at the AIBA Boxing Academy in Kazakhstan.

Chairman Pertina, Johny Asodoma thanked the President of AIBA are in the middle of busy but prepare a specific time and place ffor receive Pertina team. According to Johnny, Tim Pertina goal in this meeting to introduce ourselves as a new board, also asked the AIBA in order to provide an opportunity for Indonesia to be able to sit on the management of AIBA, and ask for feedback and support AIBA boxing Indonesia in order to be more advanced.

According to Wu, to put the Indonesian authorities in the management of AIBA, AIBA President invited to nominate people who control boxing and have good English skills, both spoken and written. AIBA President also suggested Indonesia to host international championships, such as the President Cup and the Asian Boxing Championship.After that the new world championship.

"Attention government is essential to achieve the world, therefore the AIBA ready to meet with Indonesian government officials to convince the government that the potential Indonesian boxing excel on the world stage," he said.

On the occasion President AIBA appreciate the arrival of Tim Pertina to Rio De Jenairo although no Indonesian boxer who competed for failing in qualifying. This shows the seriousness of the organizing committee for the better.
Chris Mboeik / PCN