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Association for Science and Technology surveys XOM

Publish date:2009-7-22   Pageview: 1757




On July 22, a delegation of over ten people visited and surveyed XOM led by the Science Minister Wu of Association for Science and Technology.
The delegation conducted a comprehensive survey of the museum’s infrastructure construction, information technology and online newspaper as well as various popular science education activities. After visiting the big scale exhibition of “Experiencing the Olympic, Beyond the dream” and every hall on the second floor, Wu expressed admiration for XOM that had received thousands of visitors especially more than one hundred thousand of middle and primary students in the short period of two years after the museum was built.
Minister Wu said that XOM had its own experience and feature in the field of middle and primary students’ science education; it also provided scientific, operational, theoretical guidance and method for the realization of provincial science resources development and improving the whole nation’s technology level.