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Committee member Wu receives student summer camp from Xinjiang personally

Publish date:2009-7-21   Pageview: 1652


Committee member Wu greets students friendly


Signing for the students


Photo with Mr.Wu


Visit Olympic exhibition


Looking at the IOC member badge


On July 21st,over 30 middle students from Xinjiang visit the exhibition of “Experiencing the Olympic, Beyond the dream”. International Olympic Committee, the president of International Boxing Association, the curator of Xiamen Olympic Museum Mr. Ching-kuo Wu received the students hospitably during his inspection in Xiamen.
The students re-experienced the glories of Being Olympic and Paralympics Games by the wonderful pictures and exquisite exhibits in the gallery of “Century Olympic, Chinese Dream”. In the “Experiencing Olympic” gallery, they took photos by holding the torch, wearing award uniform on the stage as a “Olympic Champion”. On the second floor’s main exhibition hall, they had a comprehensive understanding of Olympic history by the system layout and rich collections.
Student Zhang said they were happy to come to Xiamen from far away and that it was an honor to visit Xiamen Olympic Museum. Everybody not only increased their knowledge but significantly broaden their vision.
After the visit , Mr. Wu greets the Xinjiang students friendly and asked about their feelings about the museum. Everyone was so moved by Mr. Wu’s kindness that they asked him to sign the postcard in hands and took photos together.