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Fire training for all staff in XOM

Publish date:2009-7-17   Pageview: 1675






On July 15, a fire detachment teacher was invited to give a fire safety lecture in Xiamen Olympic Museum. The lecture focused on fire prevention, first aid, escape, self-help, fire fighting and so on. The teacher demonstrated how to use fire extinguishers when explaining the knowledge, which made the lecture more vivid and direct.
In our daily life, fire safety is often neglected. Great losses are caused when accidents take place. Merciless fire cost countless lives. Such lessens are too numerous to mention. “Potential risk is more dangerous than fire; prevention is better than disaster relief; so the responsibility is extremely heavy.”  Not only does fire bring physical destruction, but also brings mental harm. Through the study, the museum staff had a comprehensive understanding of fire service knowledge and improved fire safety awareness. They were more clear about the importance of fire prevention in the museum.
Li Xiang, deputy director of Xiamen Olympic Museum, said the museum had attached great importance to employees’ safety education. In addition to regular fire safety training, various types of emergency fire fighting  and escaping drills were taken in the museum . All these played a good role in building up staffs’ calm and orderly senses and improving fire fighting skills.