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Taiwan university students visit the "Experiencing the Olympics, Beyond the Dream" exhibition

Publish date:2009-7-14   Pageview: 1582


 “I win!” 


Playing Fou together


I am the Champion


Stepping onto the award stage, so excited


To be a torchbearer


Watching the Olympic films for relaxation


Singer Or champion


On July 11th, over 70 Taiwan university students organized by Taiwan Union of Xiamen City visited the exhibition of “Experiencing the Olympics, beyond the dreams”. Not only did they see a wide range of Olympic exhibits, but also boarded the stage to experience the sense of being a champion.   

Some students put on Olympic dress, held a torch and became a torch bearer. When got tired, everyone sit down together in the Multi-functional Presentation Hall to watch the wonderful opening and closing ceremonies and the Olympic films. In the mainland facing the Taiwan Strait, students from Taiwan can also saw the Olympic Museum built by the Taiwanese Mr. Ching-kuo Wu. A kind of intimacy born naturally. They were all extremely admirable for the huge strait exchange contribution made by Mr. Ching-kuo Wu.