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Enjoying The Lantern Festival in Xiamen Olympic Museum

Publish date:2024-2-24   Pageview: 533


The Lantern Festival, also known as Shangyuan Festival, Xiaozhengmu, Yuanxi or Lantern Festival, is one of the traditional Chinese festivals, which takes place on the 15th day of the first month of the lunar calendar every year. The Lantern Festival originated in the Han Dynasty, when people called the first month "January" and night "Xiao",hence the name Lantern Festival.On this day, whether it is eating Yuanxiao or tangyuan, there is a beautiful meaning of reunion.

Lantern Festival Activities:

On the first floor of the museum,visitors can guess free Lantern Festival riddles. If you can join in and answer more than 3, you can get a gift. Gifts are limited, first-come-first-served.

Online Lantern Riddles Guessing, follow our wechat account and make comments under this article to join in.

1.text riddle number + riddle + contact phone, the same wechat account can answer 1 riddles and send no more than 2 messages.

2. The first person who guesses each riddle will be the winner, subject to the time when the message is received by the backstage.The winner can come and get a gift after the museum has contacted you.

The final explanation right of the activity belongs to the Xiamen Olympic Museum.

In the diy area, kids and children can color and draw pictures of Lantern Festival and Paris 2024 to welcome the festival and upcoming Olympic Games.

During the Lantern Festival, visitors who purchase Xiamen Olympic Museum's products will get 20 RMB off when they spend over 300 RMB.

Location: Xiamen Olympic Museum Souvenir Shop

Activity time: February 24th - February 25th, 2024