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Representatives from Xiamen Science Popularization (Education) Bases visited our museum as part of 2022 General Meeting

Publish date:2022-10-28   Pageview: 765


In the afternoon of October 28th, 2022, representatives from Xiamen Science Popularization (Education) Bases visited our museum as part of Annual Training and General Meeting hosted by Xiamen Association for Science and Technology, organized by Cross-strait Tsinghua Research Institute. The delegation was warmly received by our staff under the leading of our deputy curator Ms. Yun Wu.

Under the guide of our interpreters, the guests visited our 4 Major Exhibition Halls which have different themes: the first one is the past, the present, and the future of the Olympic Games; the second, the Olympic Family; the third, treasure and sharing and the fourth temporary hall. They also went through the collections and exhibits in the Olympic Art Gallery.

In witness of the objects, pictures and videos, everyone deeply gained a deep insight into the Olympic values of "excellence, friendship and respect" and learned about the origin and development of the Olympic Games.

The visitors showed great interest in the collectios and frequently interacted with the interpreters during the visit. With the detailed explanation of the our staff, they deepened their understanding of Olympics.

Xiamen Olympic Museum, one of the thirty-two members of the International Olympic Museums Network, is a non-profitable international organization approved by International Olympic Committee and China Olympic Committee. It is the first Olympic Museum entitled “Olympics” in China. The museum was planned, designed and founded by International Olympic Committee Member, the former president of International Boxing Association, Mr.Ching-kuo Wu, who is also a world-renowned architecture expert and the curator of our Museum. The museum has rich collections of Olympic culture relics with the purpose of promoting Olympic cultures, spirits and making more people to know, experience and share Olympic history and glory.