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Olympics in Rural Areas -Our Museum participated in 2021 Xiamen Rural Scientific Service Carnival and won two prizes

Publish date:2021-11-15   Pageview: 755


On November 5th, 2021, Xiamen Olympic Museum participated in 2021 Xiamen Rural Scientific Service Carnival hosted by Xiamen Science and Technology Association. In this event, we took our characteristic items to the rural market in Dongfu Street, Haicang District and allow more people to feel and share Olympic spirit.

During the carnival, our museum was awarded the title of "Xiamen Popular Science Education Base" and was conferred the flag as a member of "Xiamen Mobile Popular Science Education Base Service Team".

Xiamen Olympic Museum, one of the twenty-eight members of the International Olympic Museums Network, is a non-profitable international organization approved by International Olympic Committee and China Olympic Committee. It is the first Olympic Museum entitled “Olympics” in China. The museum was planned, designed and founded by International Olympic Committee Member, the former chair of the Culture and Olympic Heritage Commission, Mr.Ching-kuo Wu, who is also a world-renowned architecture expert and the curator of our Museum. The museum has rich collections of Olympic culture relics of over 11000pcs with the purpose of promoting Olympic cultures, spirits and making more people to know, experience and share Olympic history and glory.

As the third class National Museum and National Olympic Education Base, the main function of the museum is to promote the Olympic culture, demonstrate the Olympic history and treasures to the public through rich collections, special programs and professional interpretation.