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With the theme “The Future of Museums: Recover and Reimagine”, Xiamen Olympic Museum revealed a Torch Exhibition in celebration of the International Museum Day

Publish date:2021-5-9   Pageview: 1344


With the theme “The Future of Museums: Recover and Reimagine”, Xiamen Olympic Museum revealed a Torch Exhibition in celebration of the International Museum Day, displaying the theme and concept of previous Olympic Games. Along with the exhibition, there were also simulated Olympic torch-lighting show and volunteer award ceremony, giving people the courage to meet the difficulties and challenges in the current situation and the activities were streamed online.

On the afternoon of May 9th, 2021, The Torch Exhibition hosted by Xiamen Olympic Museum guided by Xiamen Municipal Working Committee for the Care of the Next Generation and Siming District Science and Technology Association, was opened. Distinguished guests from scenic spots, traveling and media agencies and training institutions were invited to enjoy the simulated Olympic torch-lighting ceremony, which included: Mr. Yuhua Li, Deputy Secretary General of Xiamen Municipal Working Committee for Care of the Next Generation; Ms. Lihong Xu from Xiamen Siming District Culture and Tourism Bureau; Mr. Zhipeng Lin, Executive Vice President of Siming District Cultural Tourism Association; Mr Junyu Wang, Deputy General Manager of Xiamen C&D International Travel Service Group Co., Ltd.; Mr. Jun Zheng, Vice General Manager of Xiamen Tourist Service Center, Ms. Yingying Tu, Vice General Manager of Xiamen ITG Education Group Co.,Ltd.; Mr. Huashan Zeng, Curator of Fujian Gulangyu Pie Food Cultural Museum; Mr. Yue Chen, Curator of Xiamen Yuecheng Classic Car Museum  Mr. Zun  Zhang, Assistant Curator of Xiamen Chengyi Science and Technology Exploration Centre, representatives of enterprises and volunteers.

On behalf of Xiamen Olympic Museum and Dr. Ching-Kuo Wu, Ms. Yun Wu, our deputy curator expressed her gratitude to the distinguished guests and partners from all levels and students who participated in the stimulated Olympic torch-lighting ceremony.

In the opening ceremony, Wang Chong, from Xiamen Jimei University, presented the passionate and energetic opening dance "Lovesick Girls". With her dance, everyone could not help swinging with her movements. After Xie Yue's song "Running",the whole occasion had a carnival atmosphere; Wang Zi's dance "Youth" is a perfect combination of dynamics and statics which everyone was immersed in , after the dance, he audience responded with thunderous applause.

After the dance was the Outstanding Volunteer Award Ceremony. The winners of the 2020 Outstanding Volunteer Award are: the Best Volunteer of the Year: Wang Boyan; Top 10 Volunteer of the Year: Lin Zhenrui, Ding Xinlu, Chen Lingnuo, Zhang Kun, Gao Lan, Rui Zhan, Jiazhen, Chen Wenhao, Wang Zi, Xie YueWang, Chong; Outstanding Volunteer of the Year: Yu Haoxiang, Zhang Ke, Shi Zhiwei, Gao Xin. Thanks to these volunteers who love sports and public welfare for their continuous efforts to spread Olympic spirit.

During the event, Ms. Yun Wu, Deputy Curator of Xiamen Olympic Museum and Ms. Yingying Tu, Vice General Manager of Xiamen ITG Education Group Co.,Ltd. signed a corporation agreement. In the future, the both two parties will work closer together in the Youth Olympic Education.

Then the simulated torch-lighting show was revealed displaying the whole process of torch lighting. The Olympic torch ceremony originated from the story of Prometheus stealing the flame for mankind in Greek mythology. The torch lighting ceremony for the modern Olympic Games began in 1920. At that time, in order to commemorate the Allied soldiers who died in the First World War, in Belgium Antwerp held in the opening ceremony of the 7th Olympic Games, the torch was first lit as a symbol of light. In 1928, the International Olympic Committee stipulated that the torch should be lit in the venue of every future Olympic Games. The flame is lit in Olympia, Greece, and then carried in a relay to the main Olympic venue.

The show was dived into three parts: The first part is Entry. The priestesses entered in the drumbeats and began the Dance of the Nymphs. The second part is Flame Collecting. After reciting the sacrificial words, the highest priestess collected the flame in the witness of the audience .The third part is the olive branch and torch relay. The highest priestess passed the olive branch and torch to the first torch bearer. After the relay, the main torch was lit and the peace doves were set free and the show was ended up with success.

The simulated torch lighting show will be a regular performance of Xiamen Olympic Museum. Tourist with tickets will be able to enjoy and join in the show. The schedule and Information about the future performance schedule will be announced on our Official WeChat Account. The tourists can follow the further info. and join us.