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Women and Sports Film Posters Exhibition Opens Today

Publish date:2021-3-7   Pageview: 649


Film poster is a witness of the development of film art. Though yellow and mottled with the passage of time,these posters could always remind people of the familiar movie clips and  the humanistic feelings of that era.

The world's first film poster appeared in 1896, its history is as long as the birth of the film. 

With the industrialization and commercialization of film industry, the film posters also become more and more exquisite, innovative and diverse.

The history of women's participation in sports is demonstrated through 30 classic posters . The process of women's participation in sports is a process of their constant struggle and compromise with men. The posters exhibition of "women and sports" fully reflects women's spirit of pursuing equality and self-expression,which also arouses the public's concern.

In the field of sports, women have a strong sense of participation in sports. The exhibition contains 30 sports movie posters, aiming to promote the status of women in sports. It is through the unremitting efforts of the heroines in the film that we have today the right of women to participate in sports.