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Xiamen Olympic Museum held lecture on fire fighting and conducted fire control safety training on employees

Publish date:2020-11-18   Pageview: 427


In order to further enhance the awareness of fire safety, enhance the ability of fire prevention and control, and prevent fire accidents, Xiamen Olympic Museum held lecture on fire fighting and conducted fire control safety training on employees. All staff of the museum participated in the training exercise.

Through the training, the XOM staff learned how to use the fire extinguisher and hose correctly,  how to fight the initial fire and how to organize self-rescue and escape, which is helpful to  popularize fire control knowledge, promote fire control safety publicity and enhance fire control safety awareness.

To create a good learning atmosphere, Xiamen gave full play to its publicity advantages by using indoor LED display screen and new media platforms for fire control safety propaganda and education.

The firefighting training practice helped the XOM staff to have a better sense of fire safety, and improved their ability and skills to face fire emergencies to protect their lives and reduce losses.