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How well do you know about the Olympic Games -The Selection of the Host Cities

Publish date:2020-10-14   Pageview: 607



 Every two years, the International Olympic Committee (IOC)selects a city to host the Olympic Games. It’s always very exciting. The application process is very long, slow, and difficult. Cities that apply need to work very hard.

  Phase I—Applicant cities

  The IOC starts the application process nine years before the Olympic Games. First the IOC invites national Olympic committees to apply to host the Games. The IOC then holds a meeting for people from the national Olympic committees of cities that have decided to apply. About one year later, the IOC selects several cities on the basis of government support, safety, hotels, transportation, etc. after they are selected; the cities are required to pay a fee of around US $500,000 if they want to continue the application process. Cities that decide to continue are then called candidate cities.

  Phase Ⅱ—Candidate Cities

  In the first step of Phase II, the IOC gives candidate cities an application process guide and list of questions. Candidate cities must first answer the questions. Next, the cities must hand in the candidature file. This file explains in detail the city’s plans to host the Olympic Games. The IOC reads the candidature file. Several months later, people from the IOC take a trip to the candidate cities. After viewing the cities, they write reports about them for the IOC. Finally, two years after the process began, the IOC holds a special meeting. It is there that they announce their selection for the host city, seven years before the Olympic Games will begin.