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Special programmes were launched for National Holiday

Publish date:2020-9-30   Pageview: 525



  Xiamen Olympic Museum launched a series of special  programmes for the celebration of National and Mid-Autumn Festival, which included the key chain coloring, the cultural and creative products sales and the Olympic lantern riddles fairs etc, with the purpose of promoting Olympic cultures, spirits and making more people to know experience and share Olympic history and glory.

  From October 1st to October 10th, tourists who pay to full fare will receive a DIY handmade material package, which can be finished in our museum or at home.

  A piece of cultural and creative product on sale per day during the festivals and big discount was granted to the Olympic fans that care and support Olympics all the time.

  From October 1st to October 8th (October 5th excepted), tourists who pay to full fare will have the opportunity to join in the Olympic lantern riddles Q&A. Those who answer the question correctly will get an extra free ticket.

  The parent-child experience of Shadow Plays begins with a workshop, which covers the origin, development and production process of shadow puppetry. Participants then will receive the material kit and start the DIY and coloring of their puppetry. After the coloring, they will be taught how to operate the puppetry and finally the kids will be divided in group and do a role-play according to the prepared script under the instructions of the staff. It is a wonderful combination of thinking and doing, which requires both to use brains and hands.