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”Konw About Olympics From Plates”-The International Commemorative Plate Special Exhibition officially opened

Publish date:2020-5-18   Pageview: 576


  Coordinated by the International Council of Museums (ICOM), the global event has been celebrated worldwide around May 18 every year since 1977 and highlights a specific theme that is of interest to the world museum community.

  The theme of this year's International Museum Day is "Museums for Equality: Diversity and Inclusion". As a parallel session of the May 18th Museum Day Exihibition held by Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism, Xiamen Olympic Museum will display commemorative plates from all over the world, to reflect the customs and culture of different countries, and to show the diversity of sports.

  ”Konw About Olympics From Plates”-The International Commemorative Plate Special Exhibition” includes online and offline display, awards for outstanding volunteers, characteristic hibl activities. For the first time, XOM tries to live broadcast the whole process of the activity, so that you can attend our opening ceremony, go through the exhibition and interact with us online.

  ”Konw About Olympics From Plates”-The International Commemorative Plate Special Exhibition” guided by Non-state-owned Museum Committee of China Museum Association and hosted by Xiamen Olympic Museum and Science and Technology Association of Siming District was officially opened this afternoon.

  The leaders and guests present at the event were Mr. Shijian Pan, Former Vice Mayor of Xiamen City, Mr. Jiarong Hu, Deputy Director of Xiamen Next Generation Caring Working Committee and Former Secretary General of the people's Congress of Xiamen City, Ms. Yunli Li, Party Member of Xiamen Municipal Culture and Tourism Bureau, Yingcong Zheng, Party Member of Xiamen Science and Technology Association, Mr. Yuhua Li, Deputy Secretary General of Xiamen Caring for the Next Generation Working Committee, Mr. Min Hou, Siming District Science and Technology Association. 

At the beginning of the event, Ms.Yun Wu , Deputy Curator of Xiamen Olympic Museum, on behalf of XOM and Mr. Ching-Kuo Wu, Curator and Founder of Xiamen Olympic Museum, delivered a welcome speech to the guests, expressed sincere thanks to leaders at all levels,friends from travel agency  and sports enterprise for their everlasting support for XOM, and extanded sincere thanks to Fujian Fast Food Co., Ltd., the sponsor of the exhibition.

At the opening ceremony, the retired old policemen from Xiamen Red Star Band, brought us the adapted versions of "Eager to Win Through Struggle" and "Looking for Spring in Winter" with Xiamen characteristics. The epidemic this year affected tens of millions of families. The old policemen of Xiamen Public Security Bureau Mr. Xuming Li and the artists from Xiamen Red Star Band adapted some well-known songs into "special edition of anti epidemic" and became Xiamen's "online anti-epidemic star". Their carefully edited songs were their efforts to fight against the epidemic. The Chinese folk song ensemble showed the traditional Chinese culture, so that it can be understood and loved by more people. After the performance, applause thundered.

In the aftersound of music, we proceeded to the next agenda: the award ceremony of excellent volunteers in 2019-2020, which included the Excellent Volunteer Team Award, the Annual Excellent Volunteer Award, and the Awards of the Voice Ambassador of Xiamen Olympic Museum. The outstanding volunteers in 2019 are: Lin Changcheng, Wu Jialin, Lin Lihui and Wang Guishu from the Volunteer Service Team of Anxi Chamber of Commerce, Su Liying, Su Qinhua, Chen Yazhen, Zhang Mingyuan, Ye Bilian, Chen baomei, and college students: Zhang Zhizhong, Chen Ting, Gao ChenLin, Lin Jiawen. The winner of the excellent volunteer team award is the Volunteer Service Team of Anxi Chamber of Commerce. Wang Boyan won the first place with 1142 votes in the competition of "Voice for Love" of Xiamen Olympic Museum. Zhang Shiqi, Lin Chenying, Gao Lanrui, Tian Kexin, Yu Dong Hang, Zhang Tianyi, ye Lingling, Huang Ziqin and Zhan Jiazhen won the second and third places. Thanks to these volunteers who love public welfare and sports and made great efforts to promote the Olympic culture and the Olympic spirit.

As the year of the Olympic Games is coming soon, Xiamen Olympic Museum arranged several Olympic HIBL programs, such as: "Little Torchbearers”, Simulated Olympic Torch Lighting ceremony", "I am the National Olympic Bid Official” (Simulated Olympic Bid),” Olympic sand painting performance". In today's activities, we will also select two programs and invited representatives of the travel agencies who cooperate with us are invited to experience. Under the melody of the Olympic Games song, the travel agency representatives held the Olympic torch and the five ring flag, slowly descended from the gyroidal railing Stairway and walked into the Olympic venue like the Olympic athletes. Then they came to the center of the stage, passed the torch to the leaders to light main torch at the edge of the main fire basin, and completed the simulated torch lighting ceremony. Ms. Yun Wu, deputy curator of Xiamen Olympic Museum, announced under the blazing torch that ”Know About Olympics From Plates”-The International Commemorative Plate Special Exhibition” was officially launched.

After the ignition ceremony, the guests moved to the lecture hall and started a wonderful journey of Olympic sand painting performance. Under the leadership of Mr. Xiaobo Xie, everyone came to a world of sand painting. In this journey, they saw the origin and development of the Olympic Games, all kinds of Olympic events, and interesting Olympic stories. Let's immerse ourselves in it for a long time. In the Olympic icon contest, the guests actively participated in the Q & A. After the completion of the sand painting performance, the leaders conducted a detailed inquiry on the HIBL activities.

The former vice mayor of Xiamen made a speech after the HIBL activities. He said: Xiamen not only has green water and green mountains, picturesque scenery, but also has rich cultural connotation. The sports spirit is worthy of praise. As the first Olympic themed Museum in China, Xiamen Olympic Museum contains Olympic spirit and Olympic culture, which are worthy of learning and esteemed by people in Xiamen and Fujian and all over the world.

After Mr. Pan’s speech, Ms. Yun Wu, deputy curator of XOM, as an Olympic ambassador, took the guests to visit XOM. In this part, live broadcast technology was adopted.

Following Ms. Wu's footsteps, we got to know the guarding treasure of the Olympic Museum, the heaven jade of the Yangtze River, the origin, development and future of Olympics, the Olympic Family and other Olympic collections, especially the touching stories behind them.

The fifth ring structure design of the third exhibition hall is ingenious and exquisite, which shows the founder of XOM, Mr. Ching-Kuo Wu’s unique understanding of architecture and his deep involvement in the Olympic Games.

Under the leadership of Ms. Yun Wu, the guests came to the fourth exhibition hall and officially entered ”Know About Olympics From Plates”-The International Commemorative Plate Special Exhibition”. Li Lu, who has just been awarded the excellent "Voice Ambassador" of XOM, led them into the world of commemorative plates. This exhibition mainly introduces the evolution and development of sports culture in various countries, highlights the characteristics of each Olympic Games and gives people have a different understanding of sports.

After the exhibition, we came to the souvenir shop of Xiamen Olympic Museum, which was full of Olympic souvenirs. Xu Xiaofan, the anchor of Xiamen Olympic Museum made an introduction of cultural and creative products, which include publications, collections and reproductions, lovely and adorable Olympic mascots, proportionally scaled Olympic torches, creative removable ball erasers set, and key chains with Olympic characteristics.

On the broadcast platforms: fast track, today's headlines, watermelon videos, Tik Tok, and Zaiyi app, more fans on the mobile phone can participate in our opening ceremony synchronously, and feel the charm of Olympic Games. Welcome to join us in the “online tour of Xiamen Olympic Museum”.