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CCTV reporter visits and films XOM

Publish date:2009-8-15   Pageview: 1620





On August 15th, CCTV Sports Channel gave complete coverage of the event that Swimming star athlete cross Taiwan Straits from Xiamen. During the process, they learned that there is a Olympic Museum located close to the crossing spot-Xiamen Olympic Museum. CCTV reporter then came to visit and film the museum.

From 2:00 pm to 5 pm, CCTV press reporter took a comprehensive shooting of Xiamen Olympic Museum.

CCTV Sports Channel director Hanhan said they found too much to shoot after learning about Xiamen Olympic Museum. When shooting a shirt of Kinmen Marathon runner, Lixiang, deputy director introduced to them that it was when Jinmen held the first session of Marathon games that Xiamen also held the Marathon games. Athletes across the straits gathered together and signed on the sportswear for memory, which symbolized straits of both sides hand in hand for the common Olympic dreams.

When talking of Mr. Chingkuo Wu-founder of Xiamen Olympic Museum, Deputy director Li said that when Mr. Wu was a soldier in Kinmen over 30 years ago, he often overlooked Xiamen Island by telescope which was far away. Wu had an idea that some day he would come to Xiamen to have a look. Later straits of both sides achieved peace and exchanges, Mr. Chingkuo Wu, who was then a member of International Olympic Committee built the first Olympic Museum in Xiamen that he designed and made preparation spersonally. After XOM’s opening, it received millions of Taiwan tourists and tour group, which has made tremendous contribution to exchanges across straits.