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"Beijing Olympics New Exhibits Show" held in XOM

Publish date:2009-8-8   Pageview: 1982




August 8, 2009 is the first anniversary of the opening ceremony for Beijing Olympic Games. To commemorate the festival, a "Beijing Olympics New Exhibits Show" was held in Xiamen Olympic Museum. The exhibits include the podium, Fou, bamboo slips and all kinds of costumes used in the opening ceremony. All these represent the glory of Beijing Olympic Opening ceremony.

The medal podium shape is the combination of Chinese historical cultures and international modern art tide. The logo “Beijing 2008” characters printed on the podium is like a dancing ribbon and a smiling face. It makes someone feel like sports and movement.  Over 2000 Olympic Fous are used on the opening ceremony which can be divided into Relief, and wood. On the opening ceremony, many students read the famous sentence “It is happy that many friends came far away and gather together” which was written in the Analects of Confucius on the bamboo slips.

Although it has been one year since the Beijing Olympic Games, you can review its grand occasion when you come to Xiamen Olympic Museum.