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Why not Go for A Walk on the Olympic Day?

Publish date:2015-6-18 From:IOC   Pageview: 1829


Let’s Stride and Salute to the Olympic Day!


How to refuel forBeijing’s Bid for hosting the Olympic Games when there’s only one month left before the hosting city for the 2022 Winter Olympics is announced. Now, here’s the chance! On the day of June 23rd, the International Olympic Day, a campaign named “Strides around the Olympic Tennis Centre” was held by both Xiamen Olympic Museum and Xiamen Outside-School Activities Promotion Association of Juveniles to welcome the coming of the Olympic Day and cheer forBeijing’s bid for Hosting the Olympics. And now, the access has been opened and the enrolling quota is limited! Seize the Chance!

Instructions on enrollment

*Required materials:

Name, age, contact number and ID number;

*How to enroll:

1. Call at 0592-2956065

2. Email to with the required materials

3. FollowXiamenOlympic Museum, i.e., omn2008 on Wechat or scan QR code followed and then send your materials to it.

4. Enroll at the scene before 8:30 on June 23rd

*Deadline of enrollment: enrolling by phone calls /emails/ Wechat before the 21st of June.

Celebrations for the Olympic Day

Time: 9:00 am, Jun. 23rd, 2015

Place:XiamenOlympic Day (intersection ofLvling RdandHuangdao Rd)     


1. Strides Campaign around the Olympic Tennis Centre

2.  A visit to exhibitions for promoting scientific technology and Olympics & Winter Olympics.

3. Hundreds of signatures were gathered to refuelBeijing’s bid for hosting the Olympics.

4.Interactive sports games in the Olympic Tennis Sports Centre

For supporting this campaign, several interesting interactive games will be provided. And it’ll be possible for everyone to challenge the specialists in tennis and billiards. If you are strong enough, chances to win the secret gifts are just right ahead.

PS. Do remember to bring your racket!

Scientific periodicals:

The origin of the Olympics

June 23rd, 1894, the International Olympics Committee was officially founded. In memory of this historic day, the Committee approved to remark it as the Olympic Day or the Sports Day. Since 1948, the 23rd of Jun. has been regarded as the international Olympic Day each year by the Committee and on the same day of the same year, the first Olympic activity was held.

Since then, during the period between June 17th and 24th, various activities and campaigns have been held by Olympic Committee from countries and regions of the world. At present there have been more than 100 countries and regions attending this campaign based on the initial 9 and expressing their admiration toward the Olympic spirits with great passion. Under the approval of the Olympic Committee, this day was named as the Olympic Day or the Sports day. Modern Olympics doesn’t care about races, colors, religions, ideologies, languages and cultures. People from the world gather beneath the Five Rings Flag and compete fairly on the basis of solidarity, peace and friendship, which is quite international.

Now, the Olympic Day has no longer a single sports activity. Focusing on promotion, study and discovery, Olympic Committees from countries have carried out a variety of athletic, cultural and educational activities. Even it has been listed into school curriculum by some countries. Besides, forms like concerts and exhibitions have been blend into those celebrations with the help of the Committees. Recently, campaigns will be held, e.g. meetings between juveniles and top-notched athletes, establishment of new websites, introduction residents to participate in the community activities.