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Xiamen Olympic Museum Welcomed the May Day Visiting Boom

Publish date:2019-5-3   Pageview: 213


As the development of social economy , the increasing diversity of people's spirit and cultural life requirements, visiting museums is becoming an increasingly popular way of life and leisure during the holiday. It is a good place for citizens to cultivate their cultural sentiment. With its unique charm, Xiamen Olympic museum has become a hot spot for citizens to visit in recent years.

During the May day vocation, Xiamen Olympic Museum is filled with enthusiastic visitors.

Incoming visitors checked in at the reception desk.

Today is the third day of the holiday, and a large number of tourists came into this comprehensive museum of Olympic culture and art, closely learned the history of the Olympics, appreciated the endless charm of the Olympic museum culture.

In every exhibiton hall of Xiamen Olympic museum,visitors were quietly watching the exhibits. Among these visitors, many parents brought their children with them. Within the strong Olympic atmospherethe Children viewed the collections seriously and occasionally shared the knowledge of them, when the parents either explained to the children or were busy taking photos. They enjoyed a wonderful and meaningful museum trip among the sweet and happy atmosphere.

The father became a narrator and the daughter listened carefully.

Mother took photo for the "liittle champion"in her mind and enjoyed happy family time.

In addition to the museum collections, the MINI games also deeply attracted the visitors.

Xiamen Olympic museum fully displayed the history and culture of the Olympics to the visitors with its unique charm .

Tomorrow is the last day of the May day holiday,thus you may not have enough time for a long journey.  Then why not come to Xiamen Olympic museum and have a cultural feast here?

Xiamen Olympic museum

Xiamen Olympic Museum, one of the twenty-eight members of the International Olympic Museums Network, is a non-profitable international organization approved by International Olympic Committee and China Olympic Committee. It is the first Olympic Museum entitled “Olympics” in China. The museum was planned, designed and founded by International Olympic Committee Member, Chairman of the IOC Culture and Olympic Heritage Commission, Mr.Ching-kuo Wu, who is also a world-renowned architecture expert and the curator of our Museum. The museum has rich collections of Olympic culture relics with the purpose of promoting Olympic cultures, spirits and making more people to know, experience and share Olympic history and glory.

The museum has open structures and its main building is divided into upper and lower floors, which inherits the design concept of Lausanne Olympic Museum. The first floor lobby is a public area equipped with Multimedia Presentation Hall, VIP meeting room, Coffee Shop and a Gift Shop which has the exclusive right to sell souvenirs of international Olympics and successive Olympic theme feature. In the museum lobby, there is a jade from Yangtze River with a total weight of 80 tons. The second floor consists of one preface hall and four exhibition halls with different themes. Among the over 11000 items, most exhibits are Mr.Wu’s personal collections of the Olympic correlative cultural relics and souvenirs for 20 years, including Olympic torches, medals, stamps, badges, coins, mascots, ect.

The main function of the museum is to promote the Olympic culture, demonstrate the Olympic history and treasures to the public. Therefore people can know more about the Olympics, experience the healthy life philosophy of "faster, higher, stronger" and the Olympic spirit of "participation, justice, peace".